Vegan Recipe Websites and Cookbooks

These are website that I visit often for recipe ideas and also cookbooks that I own and really like. I usually gravitate towards recipes with a small amount of ingredients and steps and most of the items listed below fit this bill!


Minimalist Baker – recipes that require 10 ingredients or less

The Simple Veganista

60 Vegan Blogs to Follow – 2017 edition

Holiday Meal Planning and Recipes – Dr. Mcdougall’s Website



Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by swearing and foul language, you will probably want to skip the Thug Kitchen Cookbooks! The recipes are, however, excellent and use mainly easy to find ingredients. I have not made a bad recipe from any of these cookbooks

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Plant Pure Nation Cookbook

Plant Pure Kitchen – has 130 recipes plus tips for a plant-based life